Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Results for 1st attempt of IUI

....im officially not pregnant..huhu,sedih.hari ni sudah masuk CD8.Masa first day mense tu punya lah sakit pinggang then besoknya ada 1ketul darah keluar..maybe telur dah senyawa tapi nda melekat.sakit betul hati,sedih sangat sangat..tapi apa bleh buat,bukan rezeki sa .terpaksa tunggu sampai january taun depan baru ada appoinment dengan Dr...seksanya menunggu.huhu

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cycle no.9 2012

hmm, lama sudah nda mengupdate blog ni.Kerana kesibukan ofis dan projek sakit terpaksa melupakan aktiviti sosial berblog :D

Baru2 ni sa telah menjalani procedure IUI (Intraurine Insemnation) atau Artificial Insemnation (AI). Hari ini sdh 4dpiui..Semalam ada brown spotting, risau juga,diikuti dengan headache dan rasa mengantuk yang teramat..probably because im on progesterone now.

Procedure ni lebih kurang macam HSG,satu procedure untuk mengesan sekiranya tiub kita ada blockage atau tidak..ada orang cakap nda sakit, tapi mine sakit juga huhu..especially masa dia masukkan alat untuk buka 'terowong' tu..hehe, maksud sa tu salur vagina...and masa dia masukakn tu catether melalui serviks..kesakitan yang sa alami adalah disebabkan saluran serviks sa sangat sempit....huhuhu,tapi bila Dr injectkan sperm yang sudah di'wash' tu, rilek ja. After that i had a cramping just like the one i had after the HSG but a lot milder. I was  given antibiotics for any cuts and also progesterone for 2 weeks.

basically chronology was as follows:

D2 - D6 : Clomid + Folliova 75in
pay on D2: RM480
D11: TVS (2 eggs spotted)
Pay on D11: RM 240
D12 (7-8pm): Injected with Pregnyl
D 14 : IUI + Antibiotic + Progesterone
Pay on D14 : RM600

Total : RM 1,320

Friday, 24 August 2012

Review cycle no. 7 2012

Yesterday D6, jumpa dengan Dr Sarva..first2 dia cakap.."..oh no, its yr D6, cant do anything oredi..", i was like....".....!!!??.." . " But never mind, come, ill scan u.."
Skejap ja dia pi taruk tu scanner di perut sa, then he said ...ok.
...huh?? ok? apa ka benda yang ko tingu ni Dr.??
and he charged me RM30 for that!!If there are berlambak Dr. specialist di kk ni, sa cabut sudah.
Then dia bagi sa another round of clomid to consume.."..see u on the 1st.."

I am so tired oredi taking these ubat..and this month is so damn challenging compared to the rest of other months..I've got thing to wait which is to be due end of this month..@..@

Di tambah lah pula, bos nda bagi pun kami bonus...huhu, sedih, kalau nda, bleh juga release tension pi shopping2...hehe.Gaji pun awal this month due to Raya, but sakit jiwa menunggu gaji akan datang sebulan lebih ooo..

Ahh, hari tu , sebagai salah satu lagi alternatif TCC, my mother in law bawa pi temple nearby kepayan..Actually, sa kurang percaya with all these but since it wont bring me any harm pun so ikut ja lah..
Semua org yang datang this temple are chinese, except me hehe, mostly converse in chinese, nasib baik mentua ada, kalau nda terpinga-pinga lah disana...So according to their belief, ada 1 person yang act as a medium for one of the chinese God, and you can ask the person anything that you would like to know about. So my mother in law asked Him, about me having any children..and guess what he answered...'..ada, tapi nda ramai..."..sa pun bleh cakap begitu @..@!..and believe it or not, people pay money for this,..well im also included lah sudah kan :D...bleh pakai untuk menenangkan fikiran yang kusut untuk seketika haha...Masa sa pi sana hari tu ramai orang datang, maybe because i came during the 15th of chinese calendar month lah kali, time ni my mother in law cakap, ramai orang datang bakar offerring to the Gods, supaya dapat good luck in return..Anyhow, harap2 sa punya luck ada lah tis year, kalau teda lagi, rasa macam mo putus harapan ja ni..

....till then

Sunday, 12 August 2012


..Mak ai..lamanya sa nda mengupdate penulisan..hehe, Last time i posted, i was already late but it turns out that im just a week late.Punya lah sa macam confident haha, what was i even thinking..Masa tu sa kena flu, so after a few days of flu i went to our panel clinics asking for meds and i told the doc...

Dr: "apa sakit?"
me:"..selesema doc"
Dr:" ok then ill give you ubat selesema and paracetamol just in case you caught fever"
me:"..erm..doc, sa punya menses sudah lewat 1 week" (..dengan muka macam betul lah preggy :D)
Dr:" ok, wait for another week, come here and make sure to drink lots of water, i'll scan you.But in the meantime you can take juga the meds, it wont kacau if you are pregnant pun"
and then the next day, Ms P was there...

now, sa TWW lagi..huhu..this month if MS P comes for a visit, 2nd day have to go and see Sarva...

Bilalah mo ada baby...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

huhu lambat lagi

...Its raining early in the morning here at KK and i hate it becuz:

1).. its weekdays and i had to get up to go to work..if it is a weekend ill be sleeping still, covered with my comfy smelly blanket hehe :P
2) ..early morning rain make the traffic so so damn slow
3)..i feel sleepy
4)...i do not have the energy to go through today :D..(what a silly excuse that is)
5)..the fact that if the rain stops before lunch time, ill have to attend an inspection with the client in the afternoon and the route will all be muddy...uwahhh
6).. and i mostly hated it today not just becuz of the weather but also becuz my period is already due for 4 days and i just could not stop myself from doing the UPT and it came out -ve......


Friday, 13 July 2012

Year 2012 Cycle No.5, Day 30

....Adoyai, kena attack flu sama batuk,kepala pun berat semacam, bagus kalau pregnancy simptom ni hehe...

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Life when TTCing

When i first got married, i thought that when you Bd with your hubby, bleh terus pregnant ni.Since i was already 27 that time, i thought "..mo terus cuba pregnant lah"..I still remember, every month i tested for upt.Again and again and again, all came negative, huhu, so damn dissappointing..
2 to 3 months, when people started asking, "..ada telinga2 sudah?", "Ada isi sudah?..", we can still say, alah, awal lagi ba ni, mo honeymoon dulu, ..kononlah!..1 year later, my mom already ask me wether i would consider to adopt children??!!, thats when the real pain begins..everytime i go for wedding receptions , people say"..aik belum ada lagi, anak sa begini begitu la, tis and that..."uwaah, i cannot stand it.At some point of time, i dont attend any reception anymore.At first my mom bising2 juga, saying"..nanti kalau ko buat apa2 ocassion, teda org datang tu!"..i say, what the heck, im tired of hearing those question about babies over and over again. Incident yang paling sa nda bleh lupa adalah yang ada anty saturang ni pi pegang perut sa, tanya ada isi sudah ka belum..OMG, sa sangat lah PANAS!, ramai lagi pula org masa tu...

During my 3rd year of marriage, sa pindah tempat keja baru, this place, colleague sa kebanyakan lelaki and sudah "SENIOR". Oleh kerana sebelum sa join ni company, sa sudah slalu berurusan dengan dorang,so kira sudah biasalah sangat..dorang ni kalau cerita pasal hal 18sx bukan pandai tapis2 lagi..dorang slalu cakap dengan sa.."..ko ni blum ada anak pasal ko nda pandai ba, teknik salah!.." this is a much polite sentence to rephrase dorang punya real sentence...2 tahun sa join dorang, dengar this sort of thing, so macam lali sudah telinga sa..But the best thing about dorang, they never say it directly that it felt harsh on my feeling, instead they made it some sort of crazy jokes, so i wouldn't take it too personally...But in other short words, they have taught me that this thing, no matter what everyone say, it means nothing and it brings to me no harm..except on my feelings which, im supposed to be able to control with positive thinking...Adoi na, apa sa cakap ni, berbelit-belit lah pula!..hehe

Nowadays, i have rejoined back my previous company, i have somehow became immune to this question.."ko belum ada anak lagi??!!"..recently when i attended a joint inspection with our client and representatives from Government Dept, the client's GM asked me.."so, apa k.abar anak?..I said,"huh, anak?Anak kucing ka bos?.."lol", he said" aik, sorry! i ve mistaken you with somebody else :D.."..and then i replied him.."ok ba bos .." with a sincere smile..hehe..berhati baik lah konon ni @..@..Even di office, if orang tanya pasal tis issue, i just say, I dont have the time :p

Sekarang i just concentrate on my work, my treatment and also usaha cari anak angkat..Saturday, Sunday kalau nda bersengkang mata buat keja di ofis, I watch a lot of movies and japanese anime....siang malam download movies..hehe...

I dont mingled a lot with the rest of my female colleague at my office anymore..Morning i came in, do my work, call consultants, sub-cons, go for meeting and pulang SHARP at 5 o'clock..hehe

Hujung minggu after gaji, pi jalan2 sama hubby, leaving all my worries behind....go makan sushi, go makan hotpot, go and look for best restaurants which offers good food

All i want to do now is look forward for my treatment,live happily , think positive and the rest of the world whom are not welcomed for being over-concerned of my situation of not having kids yet can can mind their own business